Custom Boat Covers

Invest in a durable boat cover built to last with easy installation and minimal maintenance. At GDS we custom fabricate high quality boat covers, engine covers, boat seat covers, center console covers and more.

Let’s face it cleaning your boat after a trip is hard enough without having to clean it another time before going out.  Not only does a GDS boat cover allow you to spend more time out on the water, but it also give you a piece of mind knowing your investment is well protected by a cover designed specifically for your boat.

Covering your boat with a GDS cover is an easy one man job. They are custom fabricated to easily fit your boat.  Our boat covers feature webbing straps and adjustable clips that allow for easy positioning and a secure fit.

Custom boat covers to extend the life of your boat.

Many boat owners spend time cleaning, fixing and enhancing their vessel yet only few take time to think about the economics of their hobby. While many hours can be easily spent on looking for upgrades and accessories is the same kind of consideration given to the protection of assets? Boats are assets which are negatively affected by weather conditions and constant contact with moisture unless the owner takes an active role. Not using boat covers may lead to early deterioration of certain parts when a simple program of care may extended the life of the parts by several years or significantly reduce required repairs.

Protection is important.

If you own a boat, chances are you have liability insurance in case an accident occurs. Most also have non-accidental damage protection and it’s important to note that insurers often stipulate in their terms that a boat has to be well maintained and cared for. One of the best ways to do that is by protecting it with a custom made boat cover.

Protect your boats value.

Good boat appearance is not only important to earn the respect of your peers but also to maximize future resale value. GDS custom boat covers are affordable, easy to use and they look great when your day on the water is done and boat is moored up.  A boat is a similar asset to an expensive car and arouses similar passions amongst owners. A boat that’s well taken care of will inevitably create a greater perception of value and boat covers are an essential part of that process.